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Arrested for

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Arrested for

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Driving without a license represents one of the biggest concerns for immigrants who are undocumented in the United States. In this guide we will answer the main questions that you have probably asked yourself before this situation: What are the consequences of driving without a license? Can I be deported for driving without a license if I am caught?

Deportation for not having a license is possible

Let’s handle a hypothetical case of a person who is involved in a traffic accident, is undocumented and the police discover that he does not have a driver’s license.

This person is deportable from the United States for driving without a license and may also be placed in removal proceedings for not having legal status in the United States. It is necessary to always contact an Immigration Lawyer. Removal procedures are by nature civil and not criminal.

She will be taken to state custody because she was found without legal documents to be in the United States and also without having a driver’s license. An immigration hold will be placed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to be transferred from state custody to direct ICE custody. Where the person arrested for driving without a license will be transferred to an immigration detention center, where they will wait to be seen by a judge, who will probably sentence that they must leave the country for being in a situation of illegality.

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The biggest problem that occurs when a person does not have a driver’s license is the fact that it is shown that they do not have a regular situation in the United States of America. This case in itself is reason enough for you to be expelled from the United States. Driving through legal channels in a country other than ours will always be the best way to find ourselves safe and for the law to protect us, otherwise we will always find ourselves exposed in one way or another. If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you should do is receive advice from an experienced immigration attorney.

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