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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jorge De La Mar Esq. is a professional criminal defense attorney with a wealth of experience and commitment to defending the rights of his clients.

It is perhaps the most stressful and disconcerting event that can occur in a person’s life: suddenly facing criminal prosecution. Instantly, the anxiety can become overwhelming as they face many fears and questions.

If you have been arrested for a crime or have been charged with a criminal offense under federal or state law, a experienced criminal defense attorney in Naples, Fl. as Jorge De La Mar Esq.can assist you with your defense.

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Criminal Defense Services

Arrest warrant

Child pornography

Domestic violence

Driving without a license

Drug offenses

DUI Defense

Criminal Defense of Immigrants and Non-Citizens

Reckless driving

Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual offenses



Shoplifting and shoplifting

Violent crime

Juvenile delinquency

Federal Crime

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By invoking your right to counsel and contacting Jorge De La Mar Esq. you immediately send a strong message to the police that you will not be intimidated.
If you are arrested, our attorneys will work to secure your release. We will be sure to fight to protect your right to have a reasonable bail amount set, or even to be released on your own recognizance without monetary bail while we prepare and present a strong defense for your case.

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