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Jorge de la Mar Esq. Is committed to serving all of your family law needs including but not limited to:

Family law matters affect people personally and emotionally. They involve those of us who choose to share our lives and how we raise our children. Decisions made in family court can affect your family and your finances for many years to come. This is why we believe it is important to retain an experienced North Carolina family law attorney to assist you with your legal problem:

  • Divorce and separation agreements

  • Domestic violence

  • Child custody and visitation, child support, adoptions

  • Alimony and Post-Separation Support

  • Contempt matters

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  • Over two decades, the firm of Jorge de la Mar PA has developed the knowledge and experience to help clients address a wide variety of divorce concerns. We represent clients throughout South Florida, focusing on Dade County with a variety of family legal needs.
  • Custody

    If you are never married, are no longer married or separated from your children by other parents, you will remain a parent to your children forever. The child custody and visitation attorney Jorge de la Mar PA can help you protect and enforce your rights as a parent. To discuss your concerns about visitation and child custody, please contact our law firm today.

  • Child Support

    Child support disputes can quickly turn a simple divorce into a complicated legal process. Since 2003, our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients – we know firsthand the challenge our clients face in protecting their rights. At Jorge de la Mar PA , we tailor our legal approach to the specific needs of our clients. We offer convenient appointments at our Miami office. Contact us today to meet with Jorge de la Mar PA

  • Domestic violence
  • Verbal Abuse – This involves saying a negative comment or withholding information. This verbal abuse has to create pain or mental anguish in the victim.
  • Emotional Abuse – This abuse places the victim in a situation that could result in physiological trauma such as anxiety or chronic depression. Typical negative behaviors include: saying things that upset the victim, preventing the victim from talking to someone or their family, and random jealousy adjustments.
  • Economic Abuse – This occurs when one of the spouses has complete control over the victim’s finances. This abuse often overlaps with financial abuse, which means the illegal use of a person’s assets. This can be done by controlling the mobility of the spouse or by threatening them.
  • Physical Abuse – This one is pretty self explanatory. When the husband beats the victim, he engages in physical violence. This type of violence includes punching, biting, or kicking the other person.
  • Sexual Abuse – This only occurs when the other spouse forces their partner to have sex against their will.

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